Journey towards hills- Awaiting to reach Jageshwar the spiritual and mystical place (Day 1)

This was the most awaited journey for me and my family. It was the second week of the December in 2015. I had planned to go on the spiritual journey, obviously on the hills. After doing lots of searching, I found one place that was the Jageshwar. Jageshwar is a Hindu pilgrimage site that is located in the Almora district of Uttarakhand a state of the India.

Our journey started from 4:30 AM and we left home for the Ghaziabad Railway station at about 5:30am. The train – Shatabdi Express was scheduled 7:20AM. My wife and my sweet child Dherya were with me. We had our Breakfast in the train. I had to pick my parents from the Moradabad Railway station. They had arrived early to Moradabad.

Train reached Moradabad at 9:30am, Eventually we all met.


We reached kathgodam at 11:30AM. The day was sunny. My mother had some trouble with the long journey. I was missing my younger brother. I told him to come with us, but he could not come due to some urgent work at his office.

Anyway, after reaching platform I had started searching for a good taxi. There were lots of the vehicle outside of the platform. After some time. I met Mr. Anthony. I just checked the car’s condition that was good. Finally, I booked that car and we started our journey towards the hill. My father was on the front seat with his beloved grandson. Both were very happy. After some time we left the kathgodam city and started climbing to the hill. I was in back seat left side corner. So I had a better chance to capture exhilarating views.

Kathgodam to Almora - Bhimatal Lake
Kathgodam to Almora – Bhimatal Lake

The road was excellent. I remembered the curvy lake in Bhimtal and the fruit shops on one side of the road in Bhowali.

Kainchi Dham Ashram
Kainchi Dham Ashram

Three hours later we reached Almora City. Almora is the big city and district center. It is the cantonment town and the snow-capped Himalayas can be seen in the background. Jageshwar is located 36 km northeast of Almora. We took Pithoragarh road from the Almora. The road was not excellent like as kathgodam-Almora road and the traffic was very minimal. Mr. Anthony told us that we were on the same route which pilgrims used to pass en route to Kailash and Mansarovar before new route. This was exciting. We saw the famous chitai golu devta temple in the way, approximately 8 km from Almora.

Mountain range behind the Almora
Mountain range behind the Almora

We left the highway and took a left turn towards the Jageshwar, which is 3 Km from there. I can’t express my feeling about my happiness when we took turn to Jageshwar. The green deodar and pine trees were all around.

Artola to Jageshwar road - 2 km before Jagashwar
Artola to Jageshwar road – 2 km before Jagashwar

We all were feeling the cold mountain breeze. When we reached Jageshwar It was 4:45 PM, but dark is there because of the thick and tall deodar forest. Jageshwar is in a valley its day hours are a little lesser than other places.

Artola to jageshwar- 2 km before Jageshwar
Artola to jageshwar- 2 km before Jageshwar

After arriving in main village we first reached a private hotel, which was at the beginning of Jageshwar. The hotel owner who showed me a family room on the first floor and told me that he will give me a big discount. I liked room, but I felt some unsafe there. The Entire hotel was empty and it was at the beginning of the village. After all, we refused this room and obviously his charming offer. After that we went to KMVN guest house. It was on the some high from the road, but easily accessible by vehicle. The temple complex can be seen from there. Finally we booked a 4 bedded family room. We were all very tired except Dherya, I remembered after reaching hotel he had started running everywhere in the hotel.

After taking dinner in the dining hall we returned to our room. Temperature was very low and Dherya was insisting me to go out. So I came out of the hotel with him. It was very cold, I was trembling. At that time it seemed that he was the most excited among us. My father reminded me about the risk from the
wild animals in the night at such a place. So after passing some time outside we came to our room.

Now It was the sleeping time. We were very excited to temple visit tomorrow. We told good night to each other and slept…